The two-year AVI Trainee program launched within Patria’s Aviation business unit in May 2015 has proceeded according to expectations.

Based on this program, Patria is training future aviation technology experts for its various specialist and operational positions. Engineer trainee Hannu Mäkelä has gained valuable work experience in the interesting tasks assigned to him under the program.

What does your work involve?

I was admitted to the AVI Trainee program in May 2015, and I am currently working as engineer trainee at the Linnavuori facility. My work tasks comprise planning spare parts sourcing for the Hornet engines, keeping the engine service logs up to date, preparing forecasts of upcoming workloads and assisting the team of experts.

Describe your education background

I am studying aviation engineering at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences, and I am writing my thesis at Patria. The theme of my thesis is Deployment of Forecast Tool in Spare Parts Sourcing. Before my current studies I was trained as automation technician, and I completed my military conscription service in the Aircraft and Weapon Systems Training Wing of the Finnish Air Force as aviation engineering NCO. Before Patria I was employed as Hornet technician in the Satakunta Air Command.

What kind of skills are important in your work tasks?

Multidisciplinary competence and the ability to see things from a holistic point of view have a prominent role in the tasks assigned to me. Social skills are significant, because of the great number of people involved when working together with the team of experts in charge of the Hornet engine or when cooperating with the Finnish Air Force. Proficiency in English in the field of aviation engineering is also vital. Other key factors include the abilities to take the initiative and to commit oneself to long-term work.

What have you experienced during the AVI Trainee program?

I received a good introduction to my work, and the general ambiance at the workplace is inspiring. Seeking assistance from co-workers is easy whenever in doubt. When I was admitted to the Trainee program, I wished to have challenging and versatile work tasks and my wishes came true in every respect. During my studies I work on three days a week, and, due to the flexible working hours, I have managed to combine work and studies without any problems.