In Patria’s industry, corporate security plays a central role in ensuring undisturbed operations.

The task of corporate security at Patria is to enable Patria’s business operations in the industry within its area of responsibility and to promote and ensure the achievement of business targets by maintaining and improving security; to safeguard business continuity during various disturbances and emergency situations by ensuring that the company is prepared for these in advance; to ensure Patria’s reliability as a partner for its customers, authorities and other stakeholders; and to maintain a level of security sufficient for guaranteeing the protection of the data and materials of Patria and its customers and stakeholders.

Primary responsibility for corporate security lies with Patria’s business units and Group functions in matters related to their operations.

Patria’s corporate security function provide the business units and support functions with services in the various areas of corporate security. Corporate security function also steers, develops and monitors the comprehensive management of corporate security and maintains, and develops the related competencies within Patria.

The areas of corporate security consist of production security, rescue safety, preparedness and crisis management, facility security, management of misuses and non-conformities, information security and personnel security.

Patria received a national Facility Security Clearance in 2016. The designated national security authorities (DSA and NCSA) regularly audit Patria’s level of corporate security.