Work placements and final study projects

The application period for summer 2024 starts in January

Every year, Patria offers work placements for dozens of students in various fields. Work placements begin in May-June and usually last from three to six months. Following their practical training, many trainees have found part-time employment opportunities in the company or, at least, a chance to conduct their final study project.

Work placements

Every spring we are looking for reliable and diligent Summer Trainees for various Patria's locations. If you are an energetic student who has initiative and is worthy of our trust, and you are interested in working with us on intriguing products, you may be a suitable Summer Trainee! It’s a plus if you are studying in a field that’s important for Patria’s future, as a successful traineeship may even lead to a permanent position with us down the road.

We offer work placement tasks in the following fields:

  • Design and assistant design jobs for students in electronics, automotive, and mechanical engineering, including supervisory and project engineer roles
  • Design jobs in structural, manufacturing, tools, and aviation technologies
  • Opportunities in software and electronics design in communications, defence electronics, and space electronics
  • Production jobs in manufacturing and assembly, including fitting and welding jobs for students following electronics, automotive fitting, and plater welders' study programmes.
  • Jobs in quality assurance, logistics, and administration

What must you be able to do?

You do not have to already be a top expert, or a Mensa member, workaholic, superhuman or guru in your field. We just expect you to finish what you start, surprise us positively, to be excited about new things, keep your promises, and take care of yourself and other people. We believe that teamwork leads to better results than working alone.

For instance, we have production assistant jobs for first-year students. Once the skills are a little more advanced, there are positions as design and planning assistants and in various projects.

What do we offer?

We provide practical work experience in an international company that can offer jobs requiring special expertise in addition to work where you can cope with less training and experience. Read more about our business operations on our website, for example, at the items Products and/or Services.


We offer diversified summer jobs at our businesses around Finland. Applying for summer jobs starts in January. We continue to publish job-specific advertisements until the middle of March.

Follow our job advertisements for the upcoming summer as well. Also keep us in mind when you are looking for a thesis or traineeship position.


Final study projects

You will find many different ways of completing your final study project at Patria. You can enter into an employment contract with Patria, which enables you to participate in a project and write up your thesis about your findings, or you can be contracted to carry out a research project.

We offer some subject areas for final projects each year, but if you already have an interesting topic in mind, you can always contact us to discuss it. We strive to support our final project trainees by assigning you a supervisor to whom you can turn with questions or problems. Our goal is to ensure that students working at Patria will meet their curriculum targets for graduation. Fill in your application at Final Study projects (open application).


"Learn and Earn" summer training

For applicants under the age of 18, we offer "Learn and earn" on-the-job summer trainings.