Patria sponsors through selective criteria in the international, national and its business locations’ targets. The aim is to co-operate with the goal of contributing to the parties' own activities.

The key criteria for choosing a partner is compatibility with Patria's values and ethical guidelines.

Patria does not support political or religious activity. Sponsorship agreements are always made in writing.

Targets for sponsorship

Each year, Patria selects specific non-profit organisations as its partners in accordance with its Ethical Code of Conduct. In previous years, donations have been given to the Veterans Association of the States and the Red Cross Disaster Fund. Since then, Patria has supported the work on the prevention of social exclusion of young people from different locations in Patria for several years.

Support has been received by the Legionnaires Theater in Tampere, the Aseman Lapset association in Helsinki, the Young Services Service in Jämsä, and the Detective Youth Work project in Hämeenlinna. In addition, Patria has supported the activities of Save the Children Finland and SOS Children's Villages Association and the protection of the Baltic Sea.

Patria is supporting the Finnish Military Sports Federation aiming to promote a sports-oriented lifestyle among conscripts and thus improve their quality of life.

Patria has been sponsoring the Finnish Biathlon Association in 2011 and continues the co-operation in 2019-2022.

Patria, the Aviation Museum Society, Finland, the Finnish Air Force Museum and the Finnish Aviation Museum have agreed on the restoration of one VL Myrsky aircraft. Patria is the main sponsor of the project. Young people studying in a number of technical institutions, as well as youth workshops, are also strongly involved in the restoration project.

Patria's sponsorship is managed centrally, with Group Communications being the responsible organisation. All sponsorship requests and applications are handled in line with common criteria.

For further information, please contact: [email protected]