In accordance with the new growth strategy Patria’s operating model and organisation have been renewed in the beginning of 2022. In the new operating model Patria’s target is to utilise all Patria people’s competences comprehensively. The operating model with business units (excl. Millog) is dissolved and a unified model consisting of strong core functions – Finland, Global, Portfolio and Operations – were created instead:

  • Finland Division is responsible for the Finnish accounts with focus on the Finnish Defence Forces. Finland consists of four business areas: Air force, Army, Navy and Joint & Security.
  • Global Division is responsible for accounts outside Finland. Global consists of market areas Nordics, Europe, and World.
  • Portfolio is responsible for products and services as well as their development and sales support, consisting of three product and service lines: Through life Capability, Protected mobility and defense systems and Battlefield and critical systems.
  • Operations is responsible for production and supply chain consisting of four production lines: the Production, The Services, Design & Engineering and Procurement, logistics and other support functions.

Millog continues as a Patria Group company with current structure cooperating with the other Patria functions. Common Group functions support these core functions. The current formal legal structure remains largely unchanged in the background, and the new organisation has been placed within its framework.

Ensuring and developing security of supply in Finland continues to be in the core of Patria's mission. For this, financial resources are needed. Along with the domestic revenue streams, business possibilities from international markets are utilised. At the heart of the new strategy is profitable growth sought in international markets. In line with its strategy, Patria is aiming for growth that will see the Group's turnover rise to around €900 million by 2025.

International markets operate openly in competitive markets where success requires efficient operation and innovative products and services from Patria. The continued development of these issues will also benefit security-critical customers, in particular the Finnish Defence Forces. Internationally competitive Patria will be able to produce new solutions that improve cost efficiency and performance also for them.

Patria's key strengths include deep knowledge of the specific needs of security-critical organisations. However, our own portfolio of products and services must be continuously developed so that the portfolio responds as well as possible to the changing needs of customers.