Sponsorship is a form of marketing communications. Its aim is to support the goals of both parties involved. Patria sponsors carefully selected local, national and international targets, with the aim of strengthening its customer and partner relationships. For a company, sponsorship is a means of communicating its values and operating methods to various stakeholders, and of building a positive corporate image. Sponsored targets are selected that can easily be associated with Patria's operations and its values, and that are in line with the Patria Ethical Code of Conduct.

Decisions concerning sponsorship

All requests for national sponsorship are handled by group communications in a centralised manner. This ensures consistent group policies and prevents overlaps. Group communications may decide on sponsorship targets up to 5,000 euros. In connection of international sponsorships group communications and business units must select a sponsorship target together. The sponsorship target should be a significant player in the local market, must accord with Patria's group-level policies and should be supportive of them.

Instructions for sponsorship requests are available on Patria's intranet and website. All requests are to be made in written and sent to [email protected].

Sponsorship targets

A person, matter or party may not be selected as a sponsorship target if they are connected to Patria's business in a way which may raise doubts of corruption. Together with our partners, we wish to develop and maintain Patria's positive corporate image and reputation, both in Finland and abroad. We want to work with partners who understand the value of expertise. We take responsibility for the surrounding community by means of collaboration with municipalities, scientific and educational institutes, sports, culture and charity organisations, by offering various forms of support. Sponsorships related to group recruitment activities are targeted at leisure and student activities related to the sector in which Patria operates, and to Patria's visibility in the areas in which Patria's facilities are located. Patria's recruitment marketing plan defines the company's annual student activity sponsorship targets. Each year, Patria sponsors a few main targets in Finland. These must also be of international interest, and the collaboration must support Patria's cooperation with stakeholders and increase its media visibility.

Sponsoring of Patria events

In general, Patria does not request for sponsorship from external stakeholders for its own events. In case of events organized together with cooperation partners, related costs will be dealt as mutually agreed on case-by-case and ensuring openness and transparency. In case of Patria supported free-time activities or competitions arranged by Patria’s personnel, no sponsoring or prizes are to be requested or accepted from the local entrepreneurs, any suppliers or cooperation partners, as it may create uncertainty of whether reciprocity is expected from the receiver.

Business gifts that have not been appropriate to accept as personal gifts but that have been accepted as received for the company can be used as prizes in Patria events. Even then they are not to exceed the value of 50 € per piece.


Donations are one-time in nature. No reward or other valuable compensation is expected for them. They are made to companies or organisations. Reasonable birthday gifts for private individuals constitute an exception to this rule. These must be approved by a superior. Patria does not present gifts, sponsorships or donations to political parties, nor does it participate in party-political matters. Furthermore, Patria does not support private individuals in pursuing their political aims.

Decisions concerning donations

Patria Board of Management makes decisions on donations. Additionally, Patria Oyj Board of Directors has right to decide annually on donations of 20 000 euros of total amount. Donations are to be related to the sector in which Patria operates, supporting nonprofit organisations, other field-specific projects or charity in general.

Donation targets

Patria may support science, the arts, culture, sport or other non-profit activities, through donations. For example, each year Patria donates the sum reserved for Christmas greetings to a separately determined non-profit charity.

For additional information: please contact Patria Communications at [email protected].