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Patria Nemo Land and Patria AMV
Patria Nemo Land, testing in the winter
Patria Nemo is a turreted, remote-controlled 120 mm mortar system for the needs of modern warfare and crisis management, which calls for mobility, protection and accuracy. It is an indirect fire support system, but due to its direct fire capability, it can also be used for self-defence.
Patria 6X6 winter
Patria 6X6 winter image
Patria 6X6 is modular and high-performance, but at the same time simple, robust and affordable to provide this tactical capability in larger fleet quantities. It provides modern protection and extreme mobility.
Patria AMVXP winter image
Patria AMVXP provides the performance and features of a multi-role vehicle. AMVXP is perfect for any operation in any environment where you need the best mobility, survivability and fire power.
Season Greetings
Season Greeting
This year Patria donates funds allocated to Christmas greetings to a number of different charitable organisations across the Group's various locations. Season's Greetings!
AMV 8x8 System Platform vehicle
Patria's AMV 8x8 System Platform vehicle delivered to Saab for test purposes.
Esa Rautalinko
Patria's President and CEO Esa Rautalinko
Esa Rautalinko
Camilla Monten, Managing Director, Patria Helicopters AB
Camilla Montén, Managing Director, Patria Helicopters AB
Camilla Montén, 56, MSc in Engineering has been appointed as the new Managing Director of Patria Helicopters AB.
Professional pilot training
Patria Pilot Training is the only EASA ATO in Finland which provides both Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL) for airlines (based on Airbus A320) and Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) training for individual cadets, and as ab-initio programs for Airlines.
Patria Aerostructures
Patria is a contributor to several collaborative international composite aircraft programs using composite technology, such as for instance A400M and NH90.
CANDL Networking Data Link
CANDL (Compact Airborne Networking Data Link) provides a single data link solution for communications requiring high reliability such as Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) payload data and C2.
eMagazine main image
Aircraft Life Cycle Support
Patria Aviation applying in-depth knowledge to maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) in Hornet MLU2 project.