Global market leader of modern armoured wheeled vehicles

Our expertise is based on decades of knowledge and investment in product development and experience gathered from several missions and hundreds of vehicles.

We have dedicated to vehicle and mortar excellence since 1932. In addition to Finland, we have operations and projects in Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany, Japan and United Arab Emirates. Our products represent the latest technology in the industry ensuring the readiness for tomorrow.

We work in close co-operation with our customers under many different geographical and extreme climate conditions and extensive network of international industrial partners. Our products and services are NATO-compatible and are customised on a customer-by-customer basis.
Our focus is that Patria AMV product family of vehicles protects the troops even in the toughest environment and conditions as to accomplish the mission. At the heart of the end product, this is achieved by our AMV’s enhanced mobility, superior protection, increased firepower, higher payload capacity, and with the most advanced technologies to meet the demands of our customers in constantly changing environment throughout the world.