Technology transfer and local manufacturing concept is a natural part of our business model. We have already performed very successful technology transfer as industrial participation and local production for AMV 8x8 in Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, and South Africa. Currently we are making technology transfer also to Latvian 6x6 and Slovakian AMV 8x8 programme. 

By choosing Patria, our customer countries’ defense industry will, if desired by customer, receive proven and high-quality technology transfer, possibility for local production, and a substantial direct investment to modernize the production infrastructure. 

All of this will result in a great amount of employment, direct and indirect, within our business partners’ supply chain. 
Technology transfer provides the Security of Supply, an independent LCS, maintenance and repair in crisis situations, and better logistics and financial benefits to the customer country. This is a low-risk investment for our partner, as we are providing technology for a mature and combat proven product. Our target in technology transfer program is to provide this missing link for our partner’s industrial process by building up the local technology ecosystem and achieving self-reliance in the highest quality with Patria AMV, Patria 6x6 and Patria NEMO mortar system technology. 

Security of supply 

  • Knowledge transfer and capability development in the target country 
  • Increase of local know-how & production skills of local industry 
  • Manpower development in local industry supply chains 
  • Production process development 
  • Procurement & supply chain processes development 
  • Enhanced capabilities for local Lifecycle Support services 

Made locally 

  • Localized production with cost-effective infrastructure 
  • Wide use of local supplier networks 
  • Increased direct and indirect employment 
  • Opportunities for synergies and development within other industries 
  • Possibility for manufacturing of high-end products also to export markets 

Sustainable future businesses 

  • Cooperation opportunities between the local industry and foreign component manufacturers 
  • Business opportunities beyond the original delivery program 
  • Time 
  • Quality 
  • Performance 
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