Patria’s acoustic mine sweep is specially designed for sweeping influence mines with advanced acoustic triggering. Its compact, lightweight size is designed for use with unmanned craft. The streamlined cylindrical tow body is designed to minimize drag while also allowing mounting into an external frame or to be used together with a float. 

Patria SONAC ACS sweeps effectively both legacy sea mines and modern sea mines with advanced acoustic triggering. 

Patria SONAC ACS is able to produce high sound pressure over a wide frequency band (from infra- to ultrasonic bands), essentially capable of effectively simulating any ship. Patria SONAC ACS is especially suitable for TSM (target simulation mode) because it can transmit any acoustic waveform signals. 

The real-time operation of the acoustic sweeping gear is easy. During the mission, the operator can just select the desired acoustic signal from a signature library and start the acoustic sweeping with it. Alternatively, operator can design a custom signal for acoustic sweeping when needed. During the sweeping, smooth operation is enabled by user-friendly interface that provides controls and settings for the sweep as well as views to monitor status of the system.