Our track record contains more than 20 successful work packages to a wide range of customers. Patria is a single source supplier for A380, A330, A320 and A400 Airbus programmes.

Airbus A380

Examples of commercial solution are Airbus A380 spoilers, which consist of carbon composite, honeycomb sandwich and metallic hinges. More than 4000 spoilers have been delivered.

Airbus A380 spoilers designed by Patria

Airbus A330

Airbus A330 VTP ribs and center spar components are made of stiffened monolithic carbon fibre structures. For each A330, approximately twenty parts are delivered.

Airbus Single Aisle (A319/A320/A321)

Airbus Single Aisle (A319/A320/A321) VTP ribs and center spar consist of stiffened monolithic carbon fibre structures.

Airbus A330 single aile component
Airbus A320 single aisle component by Patria


With more than 700 aircrafts produced each year, more than 9000 components are delivered every year by Patria to Airbus for the Single Aisle programme.

References of commercial composite solutions: Request more information

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