Our state-of-the-art factory in Halli (Jämsä) manufactures and assembles the complex composites thanks to a skilled workforce, efficient processes and equipment.

All operations are covered with an audited and certified quality system for following standards: AS/EN9100, ISO9001, NADCAP Chemical Processing, Composites & NDT and continued airworthiness control according to EASA Part 21G & Part 145.

Main technologies

  • Automated Tape Layer (ATL)
  • WJC-cutting
  • Hand Layup (HLU)
  • PE/TT/PA NDT-inspection
  • Core bonding
  • X-ray-inspection
  • Autoclave curing
  • Aerospace grade paint shops
  • 5-axis NC-machining
  • Composites labs: Mechanical and Analytical
  • Dimensional inspection


Clean room operations & cure

  • Automated Tape Layer (ATL) 2,5x12m
  • Efficient and experienced Hand Layup (HLU) utilizing laser projection
  • NC-prepreg cutters
  • Clean room area 2300m2

Autoclave capacity is based on optimized use of three autoclaves, varying in size from Ø1,8x5m to Ø4x14m.

Efficient NC machining

Component trimming and machining is based on two 5-axis NC-machining centers and Water Jet Cutting machine. These machines provide high accuracy trimming, drilling and routing result complying with component tolerance requirements.



Non-Destructive testing (NDT) capabilities include several ultrasonic based techniques such as

  • Pulse Echo/Through Transmission
  • Phased Array set-ups
  • Immersion and squirter techniques
  •  Manual A-scan for details
  • X-ray system can be applied for verifying component internal integrity.

3D and Geometry verifications are done using metrology systems

  • Laser tracker
  • High accuracy contact based bridge
  • Portable measuring arm with laser scanner

Visual inspection and final inspection are completed prior to delivery packing.

Surface treatment and assembly

We have the capability to perform aerospace grade surface treatment in our own paint shops. Multi-program flowline layout is applied for assembly works, e.g. installing all necessary metallic components, sealings and other typical accessories installations into composite structures.


State-of-the art Digital Factory concept is implemented for the production activities via fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning and Content Managements systems. Efficient use of Paperless production system in shop floor allows online distribution and control of documentation, production, traceability markings and quality. Efficiency of daily operations is established by use of LEAN methodology and tools.