Patria has major experience in the design of advanced structures. Some of the references are highlighted below with two Design & Build work packages, where Patria was awarded the full design responsibility by Airbus. It started with the concept feasibility followed by the design phase. The successful validation phase led to the qualification of the final product.


The design phase requires different skill sets. Everything starts with the design of composite and metallic structures using Catia 3D CAD/CAM. In parallel, stress and fatigue analyses are performed using MSC Patran/Nastran. The design is validated by quality assurance and verification activities in order to finally enable the product certification by airworthiness authorities.

The deliverables to our customers consist also of technical documentation including the structural repair manual and the maintenance manual (based on a maintenance analysis considering structural, fatigue and environmental damages). 

The translation of the design requirements into manufacturing instructions is done by manufacturing engineers who are specialised in material science, tool design, production processes and NDT inspection methods.

Our team of experienced project and program managers ensure the deliverables are provided in time and with the expected quality to our different customers.

Patria and Tampere University have a collaboration agreement in the field of aeronautical engineering to ensure the continuous availability of high-quality aeronautical engineering expertise in Finland and to support and strengthen research in the field.

In addition, Patria collaborates with Aalto University in Helsinki.


Airbus A380 spoilers

Airbus A380 spoiler designed by Patria
The 16 spoilers consist of carbon composite, honeycomb sandwich and metallic hinges.

Airbus A400M vertical tail plane (VTP) tip fairing

Airbus A400M TPV designed by Patria
The VTP tip fairing consists of carbon composite, honeycomb sandwich and metallic inner support frame structures.