CRAWLR - Open Source Intelligence and Analytics

Patria CRAWLR is a cyber intelligence (CYBINT) software product providing targeted and discrete information gathering from a wide range of sources, including websites, social media and the dark web. Patria CRAWLR enables the user to analyse results and discover sources of information by utilising the advanced automatic data gathering and information classification features as well as the machine learning capabilities of the system.

The data gathered by Patria CRAWLR allows for trends to be created, events to be foreseen, criminal activities to be detected and high-level governmental situational awareness of emerging threats to be obtained. 

The gathered information is displayed to the user in an easy-to-understand unified graph representation with a wide variety of search tools and filtering available for deeper analysis. The system aids the user in finding valuable intelligence information by using automated classification, statistics and information history. 

Patria CRAWLR offers scalability, modularity and configurability for various use cases of governmental actors. It can be utilised in situations such as gathering evidence for criminal investigations, analysing the security situation in selected regions, detecting information operations in social networks and creating high-level governmental situational awareness of emerging threats based on open sources. 

Patria CRAWLR presents various visions for future utilisation, including crowdsourcing, situational awareness, Machine Learning and future analytics. Patria CRAWLR will be able to detect and neutralise information operations, classify news, create spatiotemporal visualisations, detect anomalies, recognise named entities as well as conduct semantic search, sentiment analysis and stylometrics.


  • Governmental actor users (Intelligence, Military, Police, Customs, Border guard)
  • Military equipment identification
  • Indexing and data mining for your offline data storages
  • Dark web market place statistics
  • Information operation detection 

Key Characteristics

  • Fully automated open source information gathering and classification without need to deploy human resources
  • Evidence gathering with intelligent analytics of web-based communications
  • Easy-to-understand visual representation enabling clue finding and trend analysis
  • Scalable system for numerous needs of different governmental actors