Patria MUSCL Passive Radar System 

Patria MUSCL is a passive radar system providing resilient, covert and easily deployable air surveillance in standalone mode as well as in networked mode using multiple Patria MUSCL stations. The system provides affordable area and point surveillance for various applications, such as air surveillance, UAV detection, critical infrastructure protection and border control. 

Patria MUSCL system employs passive coherent location (PCL) technology to detect, locate and track targets meaning that it exploits external broadcasting signals as illuminators of opportunity and detects signals scattered from targets. The system does not produce a signal footprint making it practically invisible for adversaries’ signal intelligence and anti-radiation missiles as well as enabling safe deployments and use in urban areas. 

Exploitation of dense network of broadcasting signals enables detection of low altitude targets with comprehensive coverage. All this combined with use of cutting-edge technologies, multi-static receiving geometry and lower operating frequencies than those utilized by conventional air surveillance radars, enable superior early warning and detection capability for aerial targets including stealth and Low-Slow-Small (LSS) targets. 



  • Configurable and customizable radar system with enhanced battle-proofness for various military applications  
  • 360° surveillance coverage for ranges up to hundreds of kilometers 
  • 365/24/7 unattended remote operations  
  • Transportable and fixed system configuration for standalone and networked use scenarios  
  • Standardized external interfacing and integration to C2 networks for distributing air situation picture  
  • Rapid deployment with transportable system and operability in harsh outdoor conditions