Patria NEMO Container - 20 feet of firepower

The world has not seen anything like our Patria NEMO Container – ingenious combination of 120 mm fire power with unforeseen modularity and mobility and nearly unlimited availability of platforms for containers.

Patria NEMO Container is a compact and flexible mortar system for the needs of modern warfare and crisis management, which calls for mobility, protection, accuracy, modularity and flexibility. This container integration of 120 mm mortar enables rapid and effective fire support and unique mobility designed by the mortar systems of our top professionals.
Our NEMO Container is a “plug-and-play” solution and the same container can be transported and fired on various land, sea and rail platforms as well as act as an independent firing unit at military bases. NEMO Container is a standalone system equipped with power unit and NBC/air-conditioning. Ballistic protection of the container will be tailor-made to meet our customer’s requirements.
Turreted, remote-controlled 120 mm mortar system consists of weapon, loading device, turret, fire control system and ammunition storage, and is fully operational in the container integration without modifications.

Patria NEMO Container is suitable for many purposes. Because of its indirect and direct fire capability, as well as to its Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact (MRSI) capabilities, Patria Nemo can be used for self-defence and various indirect fire missions. Impressive fire support and rapid response with high crew protection – all in one.

Setting new standards for mortar mobility protection and firepower on land and sea

Patria NEMO Container is an ideal solution for stationary troops, e.g. camp site protection but it is also suitable for mechanised fleets as well as of fast moving naval fleets. As fully independent and flexible system, it completes Patria's proven 120mm mortar offering. In addition to heavy military trucks, the container can be transported also with lighter vehicles as long as they are suitable for delivering the container to desired location. In naval NEMO Container application the ideal platform is any vessel that can carry 20ft container.