Patria 6X6 - Focus on essentials 

In modern warfare, the need for protected tactical troop transportation is still existing. Patria 6x6 vehicle is built on the heritage of Patria’s iconic armoured wheeled vehicles that has been used in various peacekeeping and crises management missions and transporting soldiers around the world through several decades. Patria 6x6 is modular and high-performance, but at the same time simple, robust and affordable to provide this tactical capability in larger fleet quantities. It provides modern protection and high mobility. Patria 6x6’s modular design allows a wide variety of specific configurations for diverse missions. Patria 6x6 is perfect choice for any troop transportation and combat support roles. 

With 6x6 Patria provides ultimate security of supply via technology transfer, local manufacturing concept and through-life support. 


STANAG level 2 ballistic and mine protection is optimized solution for protected troop transport and combat support roles. High payload capability ensures that there is enough payload even for optional enhanced STANAG level 4 ballistic and mine protection on various vehicle variants. High level of protection, unique mobility and the latest technology bring Patria 6x6 to deliver state-of-the-art protected troop transport capabilities to face the highest demands. 


Robust and fully independent suspension, which is similar to Patria AMV XP, together with high performance drive line, ensures unforeseen mobility and crew comfort in the 6x6 category. Patria 6x6 carries up to 10 soldiers in the rear plus a crew of two (driver and commander) in the front cabin; all their equipment being hosted inside the protected hull, and equipment being based on a 72-hour mission requirement. The vehicle has mobility optimised continuous all-wheel drive and steering by front two axles. Amphibious capability for water crossing and amphibious landing operations is available as an option. 

Versatile and easy to use 

Patria 6x6 is primarily designed for troop transport roles (APC), but is suitable to be configured for other combat support roles as well, such as Company Command vehicle, Medical Evacuation vehicle, Heavy APC and finally, the 120 mm Patria Nemo mortar system.  

An intuitive, truck-like user interface, good visibility and large internal volume make it easy to train and operate. 


Affordability in procurement together with low through-life costs throughout the long expected service life, more than 30 years, have been design guidelines for Patria 6x6. Vehicle maintenance, repair and system upgrades have been taken into account too. All this makes Patria 6x6 an affordable and highly reliable armoured wheeled vehicle.  

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