Patria's NEMO Training Simulator enables fast and cost-effective training. Our NEMO Training Simulator provides an authentic training environment for all firing procedures enabled by Patria NEMO.

The equipment consists of the hardware and software used in the NEMO system, such as software applications for controlling the turret and firing, control grip, operating panels and displays.

Our simulator is based on a high-quality VBS4 (Virtual Battle Space) virtual environment whose networking capabilities enable an entire NEMO group or even simulators of different types to be combined in the same exercise. It is also expandable, from a mere weapon system simulator into a training simulator for a weapon system platform, such as a vehicle or vessel.

The training simulator utilises our cross-cutting expertise to meet the growing training needs of current and future our NEMO customers. It also combines our long-term experience of aviation training simulators with the company's know-how related to fire control systems and Nemo weapons system. The simulator provides all needed features for efficient Gunner-Commander training.

The features of NEMO Training Simulator

  • The simulator provides a high-fidelity training environment for efficient NEMO Gunner-Commander training
  • One simulator system with typical mortar platoon configuration consists of an Instructor/Operator Station (IOS) and three Gunner-Commander Stations (GCS) - Students have real NEMO Man-Machine-Interfaces
  • Actual Fire Management and Turret management software by Patria is used to provide the best training solution for the end users
  • The simulator can be localised according to the customer requirements
  • Compact and modular design

Our NEMO Training Simulator enables faster and more cost-effective training, resulting in more capable NEMO Gunner-Commanders.