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Technology of C5ISTAR field is developing more rapid than ever seen. The digitalization, performance of computation and integration level of traditional components are enabling new capabilities to many solutions. Rapid reacting and agile demonstrations providing research is a key approach to have the best possible technology understanding and capability enhancement readiness for current systems, future procurements and development programs.

Patria’s research services are offering customer-oriented and field testing based problem solving to help customers benefit the technology progress in their programs and purchases. Our research experts have strong understanding about digital signal processing, machine learning and data analytics. Research programs related to radar, acoustic, optics, electronic warfare and AI will begin from the formalization of the research problem and end to reports and demonstrations. Research work and related actions can be performed as part of the research in customers’ premises if required.

Using our services and university level experts (doctoral and master) to carry out research in any sensor or sensor system related topic, our customers will ensure high-quality future decisions in their own organization and practical visualized/demonstrated results of set research questions.

Patria has over 20 years of experience in different modern technology research programs. Patria’s passive sensor product family is the proven statement of our ISTAR technology know-how. Our research group has experience from public research to very high security classification research. Patria also has premises to support separate security classification levels. As part of Finnish research ecosystem Patria has an active role in national cooperation with other companies and topic related universities.

Covered technologies as an example:

Research Services

C5ISTAR = Command, Control, Communication, Computers, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, Reconnaissance.