Integrated AirLINE Transport Pilot License (ATPL)

Cadets studying the Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License program will receive Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with multi-engine piston and instrument ratings (MEP/IR) after their graduation.
Cadets will study ATPL theories and will pass Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) and Dangerous Goods training. Upset Prevention and Recovery Training is also included.
Graduates with Frozen ATPL license will be able to apply for Co-pilot positions within EASA and other regions. (Outside EASA area some local license conversions may be required.)

ATPL(A) training details

  • 201 Hrs 15 minutes of Flight Training
  • 140 hours in aircraft, 61 Hrs 15 mins in Patria´s new DA 42NG simulators
  • MCC and Jet Operations training in Patria´s Airbus A320 Fixed Base Simulator
  • Training includes over 50 hours of multi-engine experience (IR and ME/IR flown on Diamond DA 42NG aircraft)

PPL(A) and ATP(A) Distance Learning theory

PPL D/L package
Our PPL Distance Learning package aims at a Private Pilot’s License. The PPL (D/L) package contains a total of 153 hours 20 minutes of theory studies, including:

  • Progress Tests (independently done)
  • Control Tests (before Classroom Teaching)
  • 43 hours of Classroom Teaching
  • School examinations
  • Authority Examinations

ATP(A) D/L package
Our ATP(A) Distance Learning package is for those who already have a PPL, IR, CPL or CPL/IR licenses and target for Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) and additional ratings, such as Instrument Ratings, SEP-IR(A) and MEP-IR(A) and Instrument Ratings, SEP-IR(A) and MEP-IR(A).

Depending on the student’s existing ratings, the ATPL (D/L) Training Package consists of 250-650 hours of theory training. The theory training includes:

  • Progress Tests (independently done)
  • Control Tests (before Classroom Teaching)
  • Classroom Teaching
  • School examinations
  • Authority Examinations

Flight Instructor (FI) training

As a Flight Instructor you can instruct pilot students according to your own Flight Instructor experience: from PPL students to CPL and Instrument students flying multi-engine aircraft.
Theoretical Training familiarizes trainees with teaching and learning techniques and aviation regulations related to the Flight Instructor’s profession. In addition, trainees prepare theory lessons and briefings as part of the practical training.
Flight Training is based on one-on-one instruction and classroom instruction. The training program features PPL flight training exercises and issues related to various pedagogical situations.

Flight instruction may be a career of its own. If you build up your experience and upgrade your license step by step, and you have a genuine interest to teach others, this could be something for you. Patria is constantly looking for Flight Instructors – contact us today for more information!

Content of Flight Instructor Training

  • 25 hours of flying with a flight instructor
  • 5 hours in ground training device
  • required theoretical training

As full-time study it takes 4–6 months to complete the whole FI(A) training.