The objective of the A320 Type Rating Course is to train the pilot to a level where he/she can safely and efficiently operate the A320 aircraft in normal, abnormal and emergency conditions. At Patria the training will be carried out by professional A320 type rated pilots who also work in airlines. Student will get the best training from the top of the world.


Patria Pilot Training will give theoretical and flight instruction for the student in the Airbus A320 FTD 1, and A320 FFS as per table 1 of this proposal. The FTD training will take place at Patria’s training center located at Tampere-Pirkkala airport and the A320 FFS’s are located at Helsinki Airport.


Course consist of CBT self studies that can be done at home, classroom theory and simulator flights. Each flight will have detailed brief and debrief with instructor. Once completing each step successfully, student will move to next phase of training. Following successful completion of the course and skill test, the student will be provided with a certificate. The license is valid following touch & go training in an actual A320. 10h of self training in FTD is included in the price! Below you can find detailed information about pricing and different phases. Rights reserved for price changes. You can also combine JOC + MCC with A320 Type rating. Check pricing below and ask more!

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CBT self study & Theory

The training will begin with course introduction and CBT self-study following contract signing. This part of training may be completed as distance learning. It will prepare the student for theoretical class instruction and should take 7 days. Classroom training takes place at the Patria Training Facility in Pirkkala and will be completed in one day.

Self training for FTD

This training consists mainly of learning the various checklist flows and committing the locations of switches, buttons and levers to memory. The reason for this is to facilitate efficient training in the simulator. 10h of self training in Pirkkala FTD simulator is included in type course price!

FTD training

Training in the FTD may commence after sufficient basic skills have been acquired in previous steps. FTD training consists of 8 training sessions and one optional FMS introduction session.

FFS training

Training in the FFS may commence after FTD training is successfully completed. The training consists of 8 sessions and one optional LVO training session. FFS training will be done at Helsinki airport. Following successful completion of the course and skill test, the student will be provided with a certificate. The license is valid following touch & go training in an actual A320.


The student will be provided with necessary theoretical material at no additional cost. Basic fee will cover all items listed in the Total Hours table




A320 Type rating basic fee

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Optional FMS session FTD (2hours briefing + 4h of FTD)

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Optional LVO session in FFS (2hours of briefing + 4 hours of FFS)                

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Optional theoretical training, per hour

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Total hours

Self-study CBT / e-learning


Classroom training, system exam


Briefing Times (FTD, FMS) (excluding optional training and skill test)


FTD selftraining


FTD Training time (excluding optional training)


FFS Training time (excluding Skill Test and optional training)



JOC + MCC + A320 type rating price

JOC+MCC+A320 type rating combined                                                                       

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Total hours in A320 simulator