Patria has a Corporate Responsibility Team which includes the Chief Communications Officer (leading the Team and responsible for corporate responsibility except for ethics and compliance), the General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer and the Human Resources Officer. Together with the Group's financial, HR and environmental experts and representatives of the business units, these persons form the entire Corporate Responsibility Team.

The General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer is responsible for matters involving ethics and compliance (incl. anti-corruption) in the Corporate Responsibility Team. Matters related to these areas are reviewed by Patria's Board of Management, and the General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer reports regularly on them to the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee. Approval of the ethics and compliance program of Patria is the responsibility of the Patria Oyj Board of Directors. Specific responsibility for the supervision of matters related to ethics and compliance rests with the Audit Committee appointed by the Board and as per the Audit Committee Charter (document available at the bottom of the page) approved by the Patria Board of Directors.

Annual General Meeting

  • The Annual General Meeting is the highest organ of the company. It comfirms Patria's corporate responsibility activities.

Board of Directors

  • In accordance with the Government's decision in principle of 13 May 2016, the Board of Directors is responsible for organising corporate responsibility and integrating it with the company's strategy.
  • The Board of Directors confirms the Group's ethical practices and monitors their implementation.
  • The Audit Committee oversees compliance and issues related to corporate ethics.

Board of Management

  • Under the leadership of the President and CEO, the Board of Management prepares Patria's strategy and the integration of corporate responsibility within the strategy.
  • The Board of Management approves the themes and goals of corporate responsibility and monitors the achievement of the related objectives.
  • A member nominated by the Board of Management acts as the Director of Corporate Responsibility, who leads the Corporate Responsibility Team.

Corporate Responsibility Team

  • The Corporate Responsibility Team consists of experts from Patria's businesses and corporate management.
  • The team prepares and is responsible for the achievement of objectives within the group.
  • The team is also responsible for the annual corporate responsibility report.

Business Units

  • Businesses are responsible for their activities and act in accordance with the corporate responsibility policy in order to achieve their goals.

Environmental management responsibility depends on business units and their appointed organisations reporting to the business unit Management Groups. A Group-wide environmental work group aims to enhance further collaboration and sharing of the information between various business units, and with developing and reporting on the group's environmental responsibility.

Corporate responsibility forms an integral part of the work and duties of each Patria employee.

Guidelines related to Corporate Responsibility are available in Patria's Integrated Management System and they are reviewed annually.

Objectives and Indicators

LONG-TERM OBJECT To be a sought-after and trusted partner To be a trusted exporter of defence material To be recognised as an ethical operator in the industry Financial profitability To offer a safe and inspiring working environment for all employees
INDICATOR A corporate image survey (2020) with a particular focus on customer-orientation and cooperation The result (Rate B) of Transparency International Defence Companies Anti-Corruption Index and the continuous development of training provided to employees whose work is export-related The annual training attendance rate of all Group personnel and the development of corporate image as part of the corporate image survey (2020). The result of Transparency International Anti-corruption Index. Achieving the profit targets budgeted for each year The rate of absence due to illness (3.5%) and the results of the employee satisfaction survey.