Patria has a Corporate Responsibility Team which includes the Chief Communications Officer (leading the Team and responsible for corporate responsibility except for ethics and compliance),the General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer and the Human Resources Officer. Together with the Group’s financial, HR and environmental experts and representatives of the business units, these persons form the entire Corporate Responsibility Team.

The General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer is responsible for matters involving ethics and compliance (incl. anti-corruption) in the Corporate Responsibility Team. Matters related to these areas are reviewed by Patria´s Board of Management, and the General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer reports regularly on them to the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee. Approval of the ethics and compliance program of Patria is the responsibility of the Patria Oyj Board of Directors. Specific responsibility for the supervision of matters related to ethics and compliance rests with the Audit Committee appointed by the Board and as per the Audit Committee Charter (pdf available in the bottom of the page) approved by the Patria Board of Directors.

Responsibility management Patria

Environmental management responsibility lies on business units and their appointed organisations reporting to the business unit Management Groups. A Group-wide environmental work group aims to enhance further collaboration and sharing of the information between various business units, and with developing and reporting on the group’s environmental responsibility.

Corporate responsibility forms part of the work and duties of each Patria employee.

Guidelines related to Corporate Responsibility are available in Patria's Integrated Management System and they are reviewed annually.

Objectives and Indicators

Responsibility objectives