Open interaction with stakeholders

Patria seeks to engage in constructive and open interaction with its stakeholders. The Group proactively maintains and develops its stakeholder relationships on the basis of the feedback it has received. At the Group level, the company's major stakeholders are the owner(s), personnel, customers, suppliers, authorities, associations and the media. The following table presents an overview of the evaluation of stakeholder relationships:





Board work, General Meetings, management meetings and interaction with the owner, stakeholder magazine, briefings, press releases, annual reports and financial reviews, Internet site

Feedback from the owner and Board, the findings of the auditor and the internal audit, feedback from the Board's Audit Committee


Open and continuous communications, meetings with personnel representatives,  personnel representation in the company's governing bodies, Group personnel meetings, annual development discussions, personnel info and internal communications, intranet, Patria Day, personnel magazine, training, industrial safety operations, initiatives and continuous improvement

Group personnel meetings, Consultative Committee and other governing body meetings with personnel representation, personnel satisfaction surveys, satisfaction and follow-up surveys of different functions, intranet surveys, internal feedback channels


Regular contact with customers, customer support over the product life cycle, customer events and seminars, customer magazines, Internet, conferences and fairs, product documents, customer feedback system, measurement of customer satisfaction

Customer surveys, feedback, quality system, audits



Open and active interaction between the procurement organisation and suppliers, supplier management system, supplier days

Suppliers’ background checks (supplier approval), continuous follow-up of suppliers, supplier evaluations, audits


Cooperation with the authorities and reporting to them on environmental, industrial safety, security, and other such issues, responsibility reports, corporate presentations, communications, Internet

Cooperation mechanisms agreed on a customer and project basis, stakeholder surveys, feedback

Industrial and business related  associations

Meetings and active participation in industrial and business related associations (e.g. AFDA, ASD, the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries)

Interaction, participation in working groups, meetings, stakeholder feedback, visibility

Networks of industry, universities and research institutes

Active activity in ecosystems and similar networks (e.g. DDE, FIMA, FAME)

External R&D funding, ability to predict technology development, feedback on social responsibility

Non-governmental and other organisations

Open interaction and meetings with non-governmental organisations, membership and support (e.g. Transparency UK, YN Global Compact, Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), FIBS, NGO organisations in Finland), responsibility report, other reports, sponsorships, donations e.g. donating funds reserved for Season's greetings to assist work on the prevention of social exclusion of young people

Stakeholder feedback, amount of communications actions and meetings, visibility

Educational institutions, students

Providing trainee positions and opportunities to complete theses, research and development projects, visiting speaker lectures, recruitment events, general presentations, visits, seminars, supporting educational activities, Internet, social media channels, campaigns, open doors events

Employer image surveys, stakeholder feedback, visitors, enquiries and received feedback at the recruiting events


National and international publications, magazines, online media, fairs and events, interviews, bulletins, news releases, stakeholder magazine, online magazine, Internet, material bank, social media channels, meetings, visits and introductory tours

Surveys, interaction, feedback, media monitoring, messages through media, validity and tone in media, industry monitoring, activity in social media, posts and the amount of clicks per post