Why work with us?

  1. Securing society
    We are proud to advance national and international security. It requires a responsible attitude and excellence that guarantees reliability in all conditions.
  2. You have an impact
    At Patria, you have an impact in the content of your work, career development, your clients’ and the whole company's success. You can be as good as you can ever be.
  3. Focus on the essential
    Do what you love and see the results of your work. You are crucial to us. We want you to be well and live a full life.
  4. A great bunch of people
    We work in innovative and energetic teams where smiling is allowed. We believe that the best results are achieved in a good atmosphere.

Patria is a workplace where you will build common security. At Patria, ordinary people solve extraordinary challenges. When you are working on critical operations on land, sea, air and networks, expertise is vital.
Quality is in the people – in each and every one of us. You make the difference!

Professionals inhouse (at the end of 2022)
Company founded
627.1 M€
Net sales in 2022
Permanent employees

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Pekkala AnttiTapani
At Patria, ordinary people are solving unordinary challenges. We need professionals from many fields
Every year, Patria offers work placements for dozens of students in various fields.

Meet the people of Patria

Katja Viiankorpi
Employer branding needs to reflect reality
Katja Viiankorpi, VP, People & Growth
Product development is always driven by customer needs
Matti Saarikko, Technology Director

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