When Elmo Nenonen was interviewed for his current job as a Purchasing Specialist, he was promised that no working day would be the same.

– I was interested in variety. Patria has kept that promise, and it’s one of the greatest benefits of my job, says Elmo.

Elmo is a qualified Logistics Engineer from Muurame, and he started at Patria right after graduating in spring 2022. He had been working in food industry warehouse logistics both before and during his studies.

Laughing, Elmo says that he’d started to get a bit “institutionalised” during the six years he spent in the warehousing industry. In principle, he could have continued, but he wanted more varied and diverse working days.

Variable work constantly challenges its doer - no working day is alike

The past couple of years have already taught him how broad the role of a Purchasing Specialist really is.

– My working days obviously include purchasing tasks, but also much more, such as negotiating with suppliers, material design and item management. Chemicals have interested me the most, and I’ve been able to focus on both those and many other areas. My job description has already evolved and expanded a lot in only a couple of years.

Independent work with help and support from the team

Elmo thinks that, in addition to language skills, the competencies required in his work are accuracy, good organisational skills and perseverance. He also feels that the variable nature of his work naturally leads to self development. He has to find out about all kinds of things, both by searching for the information himself and asking his colleagues.

– I enjoy the independence and control I have over my work. At the same time, I have open communication with other buyers and can always discuss any problems and seek advice from them, says Elmo.

– As a buyer at Patria, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of the project in question and the destination of the goods. This adds to the level of interest in the job. It is not only important to ensure the timely arrival of the goods, but also to have knowledge of their intended use.

A stable job and balanced workday create a sense of security

Elmo values the stability, good employment benefits and suitable compensation that Patria provides as an employer. He likes having a relatively secure job and – in that sense – a consistent working day.

– I like stability and want to stay in the same job so I can get to know my colleagues properly.

Nenonen says that Patria’s organisational culture also leads to an appreciative and respectful atmosphere at work.

Patria’s organisational culture leads to an appreciative and respectful atmosphere

– Of course, there have been organizational changes in recent years, and I have become accustomed to working amidst change. Despite this, things have not deteriorated, and I remain optimistic about the future, says Elmo.

– Another important benefit is the freedom I have in my work. I can choose my working hours, work remotely if I desire, and take independent responsibility for my own work. I have control over my daily life.

Patria’s innovativeness is inspiring

Elmo says that Patria’s role as an international operator in the security, defence and aviation industries also brings meaningfulness to his work.

– The services and products that Patria provides are truly innovative and interesting to work with.

Yet while his work is important, Nenonen can maintain a good work-life balance and doesn’t let work creep into his leisure time. In summer 2023, he moved to Jämsä, closer to his workplace, and worked hard to renovate an old detached home. In addition to DIY, he spends his free time doing endurance sports and has challenged himself to do a 100 km trail run: the NUTS event from the Pallastunturi to Äkäslompolo.

When I put in my earbuds and go for a long run, that’s when my work gets forgotten.

Career highlights:

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