All Patria employees must every other year take a mandatory online training course on ethical business conduct, which is based on the Patria Ethical Code of Conduct and related guidelines and policies.

The training materials cover and include practical cases on ethical decision making, ethical business conduct, working with third parties, conflict of interest situations, gifts and benefits, and other topics focusing specifically on anti-corruption and anti-bribery.

The goal of the training is to ensure that all Patria employees have the knowledge that is required to conduct business in an ethical and compliant manner and through that contribute to Patria overall goal of actively fighting corruption. The training is available in several languages corresponding to Patria's operation in different countries. The training furthermore informs about the channels available for reporting concerns.


In addition, especially for employees working closely with different stakeholders, such as personnel in sales and marketing, procurement, finance and project management, a mandatory tailored in-depth ethical training is provided. The training material cover themes such as anti-corruption, anti-bribery, gifts and hospitality, conflict of interest situations, sponsoring, lobbying, business partner selection and working with third parties, money laundering, etc.  Board Members will also participate in the updated, tailored training.

New Patria employees get acquainted with the Patria ethical business conduct requirements and the Patria Ethical Code of Conduct (and related guidelines and policies) in a general introduction training soon after their employment has commenced.

Strategic suppliers and business partners are introduced to the Patria Ethical Code of Conduct and are required to commit to acting responsibly and ethically. In addition, key business partners are trained in class on the Patria requirements regarding ethical business conduct, with special focus on anti-corruption and anti-bribery.

Measuring the effectiveness

Patria measures the effectiveness and quality of the trainings with an anti-corruption pulse survey taken every two or three years. Specific questions concerning the possibility of corruption or other serious misconduct is asked from all the personnel.  Quality and effectiveness was then assessed to be 4,0 with a scale 1-5 (1=weak and 5 excellent). The last survey was conducted in May 2023.

Related questions are even included in the regular general personnel surveys, last conducted in 2022.