Acts in violation of Patria's Code of Conduct, even when done with the best of intentions, may cause significant long-term damage to Patria´s reputation and may lead to legal actions against the company and its Personnel. Patria is commitmented to support and protect employees who refuse to act unethically. Any member of Patria Personnel who violates the Code is subject to strict discipline, up to and including termination of employment or contract.

The Code (or materials related to the Code) cannot possibly address every specific situation that Personnel will face in the complex business environment. In case of uncertainty, Patria Personnel are advised to discuss the matter with the nearest superior, the Human Resources Department, or to seek advice from the Patria Legal Department. Furthermore, all Personnel members are obligated to diligently report any compliance concerns or potential or suspected violations of Patria Code to their own superior or to the General Counsel. Channels for reporting are available in the company's official languages, English and Finnish except for the SpeakUp channel which is available in all the operation countries' laguages. The channels are

In all instances, the rights and privacy of both the reporting person(s) and the one(s) accused of violations are adequately protected and assured. Patria will not tolerate any adverse employment action or retaliation against a person who raises a compliance concern. Any person who retaliates against another for raising a compliance concern in good faith will be subject to strict discipline, up to and including termination of employment.

Patria publishes information on reports in its Annual Report's Corporate Responsibility section annually.


All the reports from different channels are investigated according to a process described in Patria's Integrated Management System. Reports in general and related actions are reported to the Audit Committee regularly. In 2021 no serious misconducts or any cases including bribery or corruption were reported. 

Patria does not report publicly details of the whistleblowing reports due to the GDPR.