Training simulators are one of Patria’s core areas of expertise. The job of Kimmo Jämsen, Product Manager for training systems in Patria’s Systems business unit, combines technical expertise, diverse forms of cooperation and understanding the needs of customers.

What does your work involve?

I work as the Product Manager for training systems in the Systems business unit. My work involves cooperation with a number of different parties and partners. At the office, my work revolves around drawing up tenders and product requirement management. I also work with customers a lot, and with specialists and partners from Patria’s Systems, Aviation and Land business units. The technical side of my work involves team work on products and the lead-through of projects.

What kinds of skills are important in your work?

In the development of new training systems, it is important to understand the customer’s perspective. When designing a system, you have to understand the customer’s training needs, since they serve as the starting point for the technical implementation. Simulator functions are implemented with software, so you need a good understanding of software development. Organisational and communication skills are also essential for the successful lead-through of several parallel projects at the same time.

What things inspire you in your work?

Thinking up new projects, designing training systems from idea to implementation and selling and delivering the product is an intriguing process. We work with state-of-the-art technology. The utilisation of game technology is interesting, for example, as is the networking of real systems with training systems. Patria has an extremely broad base of expertise in land, sea and air systems, which creates a fantastic framework for the development of new training systems. It is also great to work with competent and motivated people.