ATPL distance learning

Patria Pilot Training provides high quality distance learning package to give you the best theoretical training. Our theory Instructors are mainly flying in commercial airlines and part time teaching, so you will have the most recent knowledge straight from the cockpit. Theories will be provided in English.

Learning material will be provided by Birstol ATP digital, material can be used on PC or iPad. Jeppesen Airway manual, CAP’s (687, 688, 689) and other study material will be made available.

Ground school lessons will be given in 4 phases, each phase will last 1 week

ATPL self-study is done on ATP-digital and the application will allow you to track your progress through out your studies. Before attendingon ground school lessons, you need to pass a control tests of ground school subjects on Bristol app. There will be 4 ground school periods, and each will last one week. See the schedule below. We recommend that you will start studying at least 2 months prior to first ground school lessons, so you will have time to study for control tests before first ground school lesson.

The most recent knowledge from the cockpit is guaranteed

After ground school lessons you will have school final exams. After passing the school final exams, Patria will write the recommendation for CAA examination. If you book your distance learning package during 2022, the price is: 5149€ inc. VAT 24%.

Please contact via the from below and let's start learning!

Ground School timetable

Module, subject

Ground school week

Module 1, 021, 050, 081 4th week of July
Module 2, 022, 032, 040 4th week of October
Module 3, 010, 031, 061, 062 4th week of January
Module 4, 033, 071, 091, 092 4th week of March