The objective of the Multi-Crew Co-operation course (MCC) is to prepare the pilot to act in the multi-pilot aircraft and environment. Jet Orientation Course (JOC) gives basic understanding of handling and operating of airliner. The common objective is to train the pilot to operate safely and efficiently in normal, abnormal and emergency conditions. It’s recommended to take our JOC and MCC together to get highest standard and bet value for your career.

Combined JOC + MCC

Combination of two courses gives you adequate time to adapt and understand Jet handling and Multi Crew Co-operation in general, but especially in A320 environment. 30 hours in A320 environment with good instructors are great advance for possible type rating course. Patria Pilot Training will give 25 h theoretical instruction and 20 h flight training for the student in the Airbus A320-232 FTD 1. The instructors employed by Patria are experienced airline pilots or ex-pilots with respectable careers. All instructors are familiar with A320 and we use A320 standard procedures in training.
Pricing depends of number of students on course, Lowest price is achieved by joining into group theories (min.6 person) and flights with another MCC student.

Project Outline

Classroom training takes place at the Patria Training Facility in Pirkkala and will ideally be completed within 5 days. Classroom training is followed by self-training for the FTD used in training. It’s important to reserve 5-7 intensive self-training days before simulator sessions depending of your background – together we can plan best scheduling for you. We have A320 mockup trainer and possibility to practice in actual A320 FTD1 to get familiar with SOP and A320 environment.  
Following successful completion of the course, the student will be provided with a JOC&MCC -certificate. Total duration of course is 2 - 3 weeks depending how intensive training is practical.

You can also combine this course with A320 type rating, check here


The training costs include the following:
The student will be provided with the necessary theoretical material at no additional cost.
Price from 5500€/person (inc. vat 24% 1 064,52€) with partner. Start asking about scheduling by filling up this form