Janne Vehkalampi, 30, works in Utti as a helicopter mechanic. The key competences required for the role of team leader include organisational ability and an eye for detail.

What does your work involve?

I am a team leader in the NH90 maintenance organisation. I perform electrical repairs, test systems and ensure that overhauls are completed as required. While our team members have specific responsibilities, all of them perform a variety of tasks, depending on the situation. Our team’s wide range of competences lend flexibility to our work and projects.

What is your educational background?

I first became qualified as an automation mechanic, worked in the sector and then completed my military service. After that, I became a qualified aircraft mechanic. For my job I also require type-rating training on the NH90, which I completed in Utti.

Tell us something about your career at Patria

I joined Patria in 2006, when I got a summer job as an electrician at the NH90 assembly line in Halli, Jämsä. When Patria’s service point started up in Utti, I was involved from the very beginning. Today, I also participate in Patria’s own training programme for future managers, for which I applied and was accepted.

How do you describe your work as part of your work community?

We have a good crew. You really get to know the people here, and the atmosphere is excellent. My work requires sharp attention to detail and good organisational skills. It’s great to complete a project and see the results of your work. It also feels great to be aboard helicopters during test flights.