In the AVI Trainee programme, Patria is training future aviation technology experts for its various specialist and operational positions. Johannes Källi, who studies in Tampere University of Technology, works with diesel engines in the Patria trainee programme alongside his studies.

What does your work involve?

I work as an engineer trainee in Patria's diesel engine unit in Linnavuori. My assignments have been diverse. First I was training in a team where we disassembled engines. The training has also included fixing parts and getting familiar with tools. I have gradually received new assignments that have matched my level of competence. As a part of my studies I am also working on a quality certificate report as my bachelor's thesis, which looks at standards that are either national or apply to the whole of Europe.

Tell a little bit about your background

I study mechanical engineering in the Tampere University of Technology. Selecting a place to study was easy because I have been interested in engines for a long time. I have been in contact with different machines since I was little. After I got my driver's license me and my friends got interested in diesel engined Mercedes cars and their engines. I learned a lot of new things from the hobby. I served my conscript service as an aircraft mechanic. I applied for Patria's AVI Trainee programme after I had found out about it at a Tampere University of Technology recruitment event.

What experiences has the AVI Trainee programme given you?

Studying in the university gives you good basic skills and understanding of theory, and in the working life you get to do things in practice. The Trainee programme offers plenty of opportunities for practical learning. I have had the chance to work both independently and as a part of a team. My co-workers have been happy to answer questions I have had and that has allowed me to meet new people.