Over 140 summer trainees and young people familiarising themselves with working life are working in Patria's business units around Finland this summer. Summer work placements offer them a great opportunity for hands-on work experience and on-the-job training.

Experiences of summer trainees:

Heli Nieminen, 24, summer trainee, Aviation, Halli Aeronautical engineering student, Aalto University “My summer work placement job involves an assessment relating to the tools for Hawk training fighter jets, based on which the equipment requirements for the Hawk maintenance programme in Tikkakoski, due to start at the end of the year, will be determined. I'm also updating the Hawk's targeting system instructions. By actually working, I'm learning a lot, as I'm constantly interacting with experienced experts. As a work experience placement, it is interesting for an aeronautical engineering student to work on Hawks. My interest in aircraft began while I was carrying out voluntary military service as a non-commissioned officer at the Aircraft and Weapon Systems School of the Finnish Air Force. The set of tasks in my summer job constitutes a distinct package, which will be of use in Hawk maintenance over the long term, both at Halli and at Tikkakoski.”

Jarno Ketola, 17, diesel engine fitter trainee Aviation, Linnavuori Vehicle mechanic student, Vocational Institute Iisakki “My summer work placement involves fitting work on marine diesel engines, and I'm involved in a variety of fitting jobs where help is needed. I'm studying to be a vehicle mechanic and I have about a year left before I qualify. My studies provide me with good basic knowledge, and I'm able to apply my skills in practical work in many areas. If a question comes up during my work, I can always ask my experienced co-workers. In this job, it's nice when you see the finished result of your work: the machine is running and everything works.”

Torsti Honkanen, 26, summer trainee in purchasing Land, Hämeenlinna Production engineering student, Tampere University of Technology “In my summer work placement in purchasing I am able to combine my product engineering studies with my know-how in procurement. My bachelor's thesis deals with risk management in procurement and this is also useful in my summer work placement. I perform a variety of tasks in my job, such as supplier monitoring, component purchasing and making enquiries about parts. I also maintain a missing parts list on the basis which we place orders. In addition to this, we place orders as planned. During my summer job I want to form a comprehensive picture of purchasing and the related logistics, and of the specific production for which the parts being ordered are needed.”

Henri Myllyoja, 21, ICT summer trainee Millog, Hatanpää Signal processing student, Tampere University of Technology “The summer work placement at Millog ICT provides practical work experience and is an excellent complement to my studies. In addition to theory, it is important to understand how the various processes work in practice. Along with signal processing, I'm studying software systems as a minor, and the summer training is particularly related to the latter. My job focuses on a new intranet project where, among other things, I'm designing the structure and transferring data to the new platform. I also provide user support in the transfer of email software. It is enjoyable to deal with different people in this job.”