Patria is a modern and international defence and technology company with over 100 years of experience. Wisely used innovative solutions and intelligent systems provide reliable survivability for our customers in any condition.

“Patria’s wide offering is divided into three main branches – Through life capability, Protected mobility and defence systems and Battlefield and critical systems. We work with our customers throughout the entire lifecycle to ensure maximum value. Honest and straightforward cooperation is at the core of our work. We build exceptional partnerships that last through critical operations,” states Pekka Ruutu, Executive Vice President, Portfolio. 

Through life capability means ultimate availability

Patria’s superior digital solutions and new advanced capabilities result in ultimate fleet availability and longer lifecycles. Patria’s commitment to customers’ fleets on air, land and at sea has built us the widest experience of the market from different platforms in all domains “We lead platform-independent, large-scale integration and upgrade programmes. Seamless collaboration with our customers’ organisation and partners creates the best price and quality ratio and ultimate fleet availability. We know what is needed to keep the fleets fully optimised and operational,” says Ruutu.

Protected mobility and defence systems provide superior performance 

With Patria’s future-proof vehicles, defence systems and weapon systems the customers can take their missions to new heights. 

“At Patria we provide superior solutions to enhance operational capabilities in all conditions. Reliable performance combined with the unique security of supply experience makes us your trusted partner. The best reward to us comes from those who have survived the toughest situations – thanks to our most combat-proven products,” confirms Pekka Ruutu. 

Cutting-edge mobility and protection – Patria AMV XP 

In a modern warfare and a complex environment, the need for an extremely mobile and protected armoured wheeled vehicle with comprehensive system integration is increasing. Patria AMV XP is a state-of-the-art modular, high- performance and robust armoured wheeled vehicle providing the superior protection and mobility. The combat proven AMV family has gained experience from various operations and has become an iconic part of the today’s peacekeeping and crises management missions. 

Patria AMV

Patria AMV XP provides the performance and features of a multi-role vehicle. It has been developed to provide an optimal modularity of components and to be adaptable to a wide range of versions without changing basic vehicle systems. It is perfect for any operation on any environment where you need the best mobility, survivability and fi repower. 

On the move firerepower – Patria NEMO 

Patria NEMO is a turreted, remote-controlled 120 mm mortar system for the needs of modern warfare and crisis management, which calls for mobility, protection and accuracy. It is a highly mobile indirect fi re support system, but due to its direct fire capability, it can also be used for self-defence and various indirect fire missions. Patria NEMO can also fire Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact (MRSI) fire missions where up to six grenades hit the target simultaneously. 

Turret and armoured chassis protect the crew against ballistic, mine and IED threats and battlefield contaminants within the protection level of the platform vehicle. Total control with Patria’s battlefield and critical systems With Patria’s C5ISTAR and cyber intelligence solutions our customers can improve their critical security. 

“Our innovative data services, with insightful visualisations and analytics, ensure that you have real-time, comprehensive situational awareness and a powerful mission control. We create a seamless defence system for those who want to have the advantage in every situation. Our customers can stay one step ahead in their decisions with our turnkey solutions and be in total control,” states Pekka Ruutu. 

Top-notch naval solution for mine sweeping – Patria SONAC ACS 

Patria Sonac ACS

Patria SONAC ACS acoustic mine sweep is designed for sweeping influence mines with advanced acoustic triggering. Its compact, lightweight size is designed for use with unmanned craft.

The streamlined cylindrical tow body is designed to minimise drag while also allowing mounting onto an external frame or to be used together with a float. It is able to produce high sound pressure over a large frequency range – from infra to ultrasonic bands, essentially capable of effectively simulating any ship.