high-level training systems and simulators

Patria has manufactured high-level training systems and simulators for land, sea and aviation uses for two decades.

We are experienced designers and builders of training devices, and through the years, our expertise has expanded to cover wide-ranging simulator solutions. Our central area of expertise is in challenging forms of system integration. For example, we can produce solutions which connect real avionics or weapon systems control devices with training systems and simulators.

Our desire is to design an attractive device for owners and end users.

Patria also provides long-term comprehensive training system support for our customers from hands-on and technical support to upgrades for legacy training devices and software.

Patria's competence and experience in the field of training systems, achieved through long-term efforts and perseverance, date from the integration of the national data link system with Finland's Hornet simulators. The network expanded over the years and its technology was updated to High Level Architecture (HLA). These years spent working with the national data link system have built a strong foundation of competence for Patria in a challenging operating environment.

Military aviation training in the LVC environment is a new concept on the international scene. Patria is a pioneer in the sector, having been involved in developing data link and simulation training solutions since the Draken era. Patria has extensive expertise in the required technology. It has developed the Hawk Link system alongside the Air Force. The system enables the simulation of a radar and other sensor-based situational pictures similar to the operating environment of the multi-role Hawk trainer jets, and the combination of genuine and artificial targets in a challenging training environment.

Military aviation training in the LVC environment is a new concept on the international scene.

The demand for training programs of this purposely designed and networked type is continually on the rise. Simulators and LVC training technologies are now being invested in heavily, and Patria is a world leader in this field. New technologies make for new opportunities, and in the future simulators will be even more central to training procedures – no matter what the service branch.


Simulator and training system examples:

  • Vinka Flight Training Devices
  • Grob Simulators
  • Hawk Virtual Training Environment
  • Aircraft Maintenance Trainer
  • Computer Based Training
  • AMV Part Task Trainer
  • Nemo Training Simulator

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