The Passive Sensors

The Passive Sensors Product family provides comprehensive tools for spectrum-wide intelligence and surveillance 

  • ARIS, Remote operable ELINT for signal analysis and recording
  • ARIS-E, Identifying and geolocating emitters to compile tactical situation picture
  • MUSCL, Transportable and rugged passive radar

The Passive Sensor products are resilient, covert and easily deployable.

Increasing demand for passive RF sensors

Launched in June 2018, the Passive Sensor product family combines ELINT system ARIS with our new products, passive radar MUSCL and ESM system ARIS-E. The Passive Sensor product family enables us to provide more comprehensive tools for spectrum-wide intelligence and surveillance.


Remote operable ELINT system for detailed technical signal analysis

  • Real-time interception, recording and analysis of most modern radar signals
  • Centralised operation
  • Unbeaten performance and accuracy in spectrum surveillance and pulse processing
  • All-inclusive ELINT system for air, sea and ground based sensor platforms


ARIS-E is a new ESM product building on ARIS. ARIS-E ESM system offers real-time tactical ESM capability with geolocation and tracking of emitters as well as excellent real-time ELINT tools for precise signal analysis and library updates.

ARIS-E features:

  • Interception, DF and identification of signals
  • Geolocation and tracking of emitters
  • EOB service
  • Versatile recording options
  • Real-time ELINT tools
  • External interfaces

ARIS and ARIS-E together deliver comprehensive tools for strategic and tactical ELINT/ESM for various needs.


MUSCL is a passive radar system providing resilient, covert and easily deployable air surveillance in standalone mode as well as in networked mode using multiple MUSCL stations. The system provides affordable area and point surveillance for various applications such as military air surveillance, border control, critical infrastructure protection and drone detection.

The system exploits external broadcasting signals as illuminators of opportunity. It does not produce a signal footprint making it practically invisible for adversaries’ signal intelligence and anti-radiation missiles as well as enabling safe deployments and use in urban areas.

With multistatic operation geometry and lower operating frequencies than used by conventional air surveillance radars, MUSCL can detect stealth and small targets providing early warning capability. Exploitation of dense network of broadcasting signals enables detection of low altitude targets.

Key Features

  • Enhanced battle-proofness in military air surveillance
  • 360° surveillance coverage for ranges up to hundreds of kilometers
  • Fast air situation picture update rate for over 100  targets
  • UAV, drone, ammunition and stealth target detection
  • Providing air-target type specific information for non-cooperative target classification and recognition purposes

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