Our sheet metal shop in Halli (Jämsä) manufactures and assembles complex sheet metal structures.


  • AS/EN9100
  • ISO9001

Patricomp is an EN/AS 9100 certified company with Nadcap approvals.
Patricomp Quality policy will be provided to the interested parties upon request.

See attachment  for complete list of approvals.


Main forming technologies

  • Al-heat treatment
  • CAA
  • Stretch forming
  • TSA
  • Fluid cell pressing
  • CCC
  • Press braking
  • Passivation of Stainless steel
  • Roll forming
  • Kadmium plating
  • Al Chemical milling
  • Aerospace grade paint shops
  • NDT-inspection
  • Primering line
  • Aerospace grade surface treatment processes
  • Painting chamfer


  • Airbus A350 HTP Tips: Aluminium structure with chemically-milled skin panels
  • Embraer 170/190 Rear Pressure Bulkhead: Aluminium structure with chemically-milled webs 

Capabilities in manufacturing metallic structures: Request more information

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