Patria attended the DISOBEY hacker event in Helsinki. In addition to Patria’s cyber expertise, the interesting jobs offered by the company appealed to information security professionals.

Patria took part in the DISOBEY hacker event held at the Helsinki Cable Factory from 16 to 17 February 2024. The top attraction at Patria’s stand was the Patria AMV Part Task Trainer, a vehicle simulator that enables the driver to use modelled controls to move around in a virtual training environment. 

DISOBEY is the largest hacker event in the Nordic countries. It brings together information security professionals and enthusiasts every year. The audience consists of so-called white hat hackers who use their skills ethically to identify information security issues and bolster systems protection against attacks. 

The Patria AMV Part Task Trainer, a vehicle simulator 

Marika Voraz, Key Account Director at Patria, says that many intriguing discussions about information security were held at Patria’s stand over the course of two days. Many visitors learned about Patria’s strong expertise in cybersecurity during the event. 

– Patria is known for things like armoured vehicles and fighter maintenance. However, our cyber expertise is less familiar to the general public — and even to our customers, says Voraz. 


Patria offers interesting jobs 

Visitors to Patria’s stand included representatives of the security authorities and partners, among others. Many of the visitors were IT students interested in jobs at Patria. 

For instance, during the DISOBEY event, Patria had an open position for a vulnerability researcher in its cybersecurity team — the responsibilities of this job concern application security in particular. 

Many industries need cybersecurity experts — and competition for them is fierce. Patria's competitive edge is that jobs at the company are interesting and meaningful.  

– At many companies, cybersecurity focuses on information security. Tasks at Patria are wider-ranging — we also do a lot of research and development in warfare-related cybertechnologies, says Voraz. 

Employer image surveys conducted by Universum indicate that Patria is one of Finland’s most interesting employers among technology professionals. 

As an industry leader in defence technology, Patria is a modern workplace.

Voraz is not surprised that Patria is so appealing — members of Patria’s knowledgeable teams get to work on interesting, cutting-edge technologies in the defence sector and related products and services. 

– As an industry leader in defence technology, Patria is a modern workplace. We’re working to develop industry diversity, such as by attracting women to the industry.

Meaningful work on security-critical systems 

Security-critical systems are now more dependent on software and other digital solutions. Patria specialises in the systems that security-critical authorities need to organise their operational activities. Operational reliability and information security in all conditions are key. 

– Work at Patria is meaningful. Patria employees are proud of this, says Marika Voraz. 

She works for the Joint & Security team, which provides intelligence, monitoring and command systems to security-critical customers. Its product range includes CRAWLR, a system designed for collecting and analysing open-source data. Patria is also a main developer of KEJO, the shared field system of the authorities. 

– The team and I work in an extremely interesting field. As Key Account Director, my tasks include keeping up with customer needs and informing Patria’s product development teams about them, says Voraz.