Patria Nemo training simulator combines Patria’s expertise to meet the increasing training needs of current and future Patria Nemo customers.

Patria Nemo gunner-commander training simulator is the outcome of successful collaboration of simulator expertise originating in aviation training systems, systems know-how related to fire control applications and weapon system expertise related to Patria Nemo.
The simulator provides a realistic training environment for all kinds of fire missions that can be performed with Patria Nemo mortar system. It consists of real Nemo operating software and hardware, such as a control stick, turret and fire management systems, panels and displays, bundled in a high quality built simulator cabin.

High fidelity VBS2 (Virtual Battle Space) based environment with extensive networking capabilities makes it possible for a whole Nemo platoon or even other types of simulators to connect to the same scenario. It also provides expandability to increase the training capabilities from weapon system simulator to cover also platform (e.g. vehicle or boat) training.

Patria Nemo gunner-commander training simulator will be unveiled in June 2014 at Eurosatory exhibition in Paris.


Patria Nemo Training simulator provides a versatile gunner-commander training environment.


This article was published in the Patria magazine in June 2014.