In addition to the Finnish Defence Forces, Patria supplies state-of-the-art solutions to other security authorities in Finland. Patria specialises in performance-enhancing intelligence, surveillance and command systems.

When a serious incident occurs, the authorities investigating the matter must be able to work effectively and in smooth cooperation with other authorities. This requires an effective field system that enables field commanders to keep everything under control even during demanding operations.
These needs are met by KEJO, a joint information system and terminal application for the security authorities. Patria is a key supplier of this system, which facilitates the effective management of field operations, enables a situational picture to be maintained, and allows data to be entered into multiple systems. It enables the authorities to exchange information and communicate with each other in real time.
KEJO is used by the police, emergency services, social and healthcare services, Finnish Border Guard, Finnish Defence Forces, and Customs.

Patria is a key supplier of KEJO, a joint information system and terminal application for the security authorities.


Increased cost-efficiency and performance 

KEJO is a good example of the solutions that Patria offers to the security authorities.
“Patria has decades of experience in the delivery of demanding systems and equipment to the defence forces of different countries. This has also given us a firm foundation on which to develop solutions that meet the particular needs of other security authorities,” says Mikko Viitaniemi, Senior Vice President of Patria’s Joint & Security business area.
Joint & Security is responsible for Patria’s customer relations with Finnish security authorities. Viitaniemi says that all products and services that generate added value for customers are available from a one-stop shop.
“Added value for the customer is our guiding principle. For example, customers can use digital solutions to increase their cost-efficiency and performance.”

Software is Patria’s specialty

Cooperation between Patria and security authorities focuses on a variety of digital solutions. Patria’s areas of special expertise are reconnaissance, surveillance and command systems, as well as their integration and lifecycle support.
Security-critical systems are now more dependent on software and other digital solutions, and this has opened up additional opportunities for Patria to partner up and develop new systems for the authorities.
“We specialise in the information systems that security authorities need to organise their operational activities.” Reliability is vital. These systems must be available under all circumstances in order to ensure citizens’ safety,” says Timo Aaltonen, Sales Director, Security & Public Safety at Patria.
New digital tools enable efficient data processing and automatic conclusion drawing. Examples include a variety of analytics tools, algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

 Patria’s areas of special expertise are reconnaissance, surveillance and command systems.


Patria provides an effective tool for open-source intelligence

With the aid of advanced analytics, security authorities can gain a better understanding of everything that is happening in their operating environment. The flood of data can be processed into clear and understandable information that supports decision-making. 
Patria CRAWLR is a good example of a state-of-the-art product that makes life easier for the security authorities. This system was developed to gather data cost-effectively and rapidly from sources such as Internet pages, social media and the dark web. CRAWLR was designed for collecting and analysing open-source (OSINT) data.
CRAWLR can be scaled and modified to the different needs of governmental actors, and is suitable for authorities such as the defence forces, police, border guard and customs. The data produced by the software enables trends to be identified, events to be foreseen, criminal activities to be detected and situational awareness of potential threats to be enhanced.
“The key benefits for users are its speed and efficiency,” says Aaltonen.
CRAWLR is always customised to meet the customer’s exact requirements. Maintenance also plays a key role – without constant updates, the software would soon become obsolete in the fast-changing operating environment.
“Patria’s main concept is to provide the customer with performance, not just software,” says Viitaniemi.

Authorities must prepare for new kinds of threats 

Mikko Viitaniemi notes the extensive and intensive R&D work that is being carried out with the Finnish Defence Forces on technologies and their applications. The expertise gained in this area can also be utilised in improving the performance of other authorities.
“Finland must be better prepared for wide-ranging influencing. This requires cyber threat prevention in addition to military preparedness,” says Viitaniemi.
Timo Aaltonen says that well-oiled cooperation between authorities will help in this, and is already at a high level in Finland by international standards. The development and implementation of the KEJO system is a good example.
“The Finnish authorities work together to ensure safety and security within our society. This collaboration is even based in law,” says Aaltonen.

Potential for exports

The products and services that Patria provides to security authorities also serve as an important reference to customers in international markets, where Patria is seeking substantial growth in the years ahead.
“A concept that works well in Finland is a potential export product. If a system has been developed in collaboration with the customers who use it, this provides a key competitive advantage,” says Aaltonen.
Mikko Viitaniemi says that, in addition to the systems used by the Finnish Defence Forces, the systems used by other security authorities will also have to comply with NATO standards. This will be a big trend over the coming years in all NATO member states.
“Patria has years of experience in developing NATO-compatible technologies and systems. Another of our strengths is that we’re able to offer a broad range of solutions to all security authorities,” says Viitaniemi.



Senior Vice President, Director, Business Area Leader, Joint & Security


Sales Director, Security & Public Safety