Savo Vocational College and Patria in co-opearation have supported the training for the competition with great results.

Savo Vocational College and Patria in co-operation have supported the training for the competition with great results.

Held every other year, the international WorldSkills competition gathers young professionals from dozens of different vocational fields to compete for the world championship of their fields. This year the event is held in Abu Dhabi on 14 to 19 October. Matias Korri represents Finland  in the Aircraft maintenance competition. Excellent performance in studies and demanding tasks at work have built a strong basis for developing his know-how even further and helped to prepare for the competition.

Versatile experience

Matias Korri graduated as an aircraft mechanic from Savo Vocational College in 2015 and then started working as a Hawk mechanic at Patria in Tikkakoski, Finland. During his conscript service, he specialized as Hornet mechanic in the Finnish Air Force, after which he continued working at Patria. In November 2016, he started training for the WorldSkills competition.  

“I’ve been practicing for example electrics, metal, composite and motor assignments. In addition, I’ve been at competitions in Sweden, UK and Russia. I’ve had the chance to develop my skills and see, how things are done elsewhere”, he tells. Savo Vocational College along with its staff have supported Matias Korri strongly in preparing for the competition. In an expert role, the teachers Seppo Huittinen and Hannu Kokkonen have supported Matias in training. “Preparing for the WorldSkills competition is a long term project, which requires commitment. The co-operation has brought benefits to all sides. Right from the beginning it was also clear that Patria will support Matias in all possible means”, Hannu Kokkonen says.

Patria’s Kai Lehtoväre, manager at Hawk maintenance at Tikkakoski and Halli, is the link between Savo Vocational College and Patria. He also sees the cooperation as very beneficial. ”Savo Vocational College has done a great amount of work and arranged versatile training and assignments for Matias. On its behalf Patria has arranged training for specific assignments requiring special expertise and also arranged days off for him to go to competitions abroad and for practicing”, he tells.

Good co-operation  

The collaboration between Patria and Savo Vocational College dates back to 2002, when the aircraft maintenance was begun at the college. Since then its many students have worked as trainees at Patria. Student groups have also visited Patria’s aircraft maintenance facilities in Halli, Tikkakoski and Linnavuori.

“Collaborating closely with a major aircraft life-cycle support provider as Patria is very important for our college. We have had great help from Patria regarding questions which require special expertise. Working together with Patria we have learnt a lot and we’re also able to update our know-how. Many students, graduated from our college, are nowadays working at Patria. Also many of our instructors have made great contacts at Patria extending a long period of time”, Hannu Kokkonen tells.