Olli Isotalo, President and CEO

The ability to renew and pursue opportunities is a prerequisite for success in a competitive market. The significance of reliable and competitive services, expertise and a customer-­oriented approach has not diminished. These are the success factors that Patria applies when setting its sights on future domestic and international markets.

Reinventing ourselves and exploring new solutions also feature prominently in this magazine. Patria is about to launch the Patria Nemo Container, the world’s first 120mm mortar system integrated with a container. This is an excellent example of how Patria’s product development meets customer needs.

Another example of foresight and new services is provided by the aviation sector. Patria Pilot Training, part of the Patria Group focusing on civilian aviation, will strengthen its position on the growing training market, since world-wide growth in air traffic will require the training of hundreds of thousands of civilian pilots in the future.

A contract signed with the Finnish Border Guard on the modernisation of two Agusta/Bell 412 EP helicopters was another important first step for Patria. This system update comprises the replacement of avionics, mission systems, patient stretchers and a thermographic camera, as well as the integration of a video data link with the helicopters. We can also offer this expertise and service on the international markets.

In sum, the year 2016 has been characterised by growth, with a satisfactory financial result. This will lay the foundation for the forthcoming year and projects now at the early stages, both in and outside Finland.

Patria's key domestic customer, the Finnish Defence Forces, has strategically significant and exceptionally large projects at the tendering and analysis stage. These projects will be decisive for the future of Finland's defence industry.

We have worked hard to reinvent ourselves and this will provide a strong foundation for continued, responsible actions in accordance with our values in 2017.

See you at IDEX!

Olli Isotalo

President and CEO