Patria is a company its customers can trust. Our employees are committed specialists capable of managing long-term and demanding projects in a reliable manner. We always consider the best interests of our customer and keep our promises. We want Patria to be a guarantee of operational reliability.

When if is not an option this is a customer promise to which all of us at Patria are committed. Our services for guaranteeing the reliability of the customer’s equipment are highlighted especially by the articles on Patria’s role as the strategic partner of the Finnish Defence Forces for the life cycle support services of F/A-18 Hornet fighters. We ensure the safe operation and combat performance of the aircraft with Finnish expertise. This frees the Finnish Air Force to focus on its core functions, while Patria ensures the maximum availability of the fleet.

Another example of reliable support operations for our customers is the article on the field support provided by Patria Helicopters to the Swedish police. Read more about the EU operation on the island of Lesbos. The article is a particularly apt demonstration of our customer-oriented approach, in which trust and close cooperation guarantee the best results.

Our customer promise also highlights the responsible nature of Patria’s operations. Patria is a trusted operator in Finland, playing a key role in ensuring security of supply and the defence capability of the state. We want to emphasise this role by taking part in the Sleep Easy project coordinated by Maanpuolustuksen Tuki ry, a voluntary defence organisation. The aim of the project is to promote overall security and increase awareness of defence and security work during the Finland 100 centennial of Finland’s independence.

We also want to keep redeeming our customer promise in the major projects to come. Our domestic customer, the Finnish Defence Forces, has launched projects that are of significant strategic importance and record-level financial value for Patria. The Squadron 2020 project and Hornet replacement project are crucial to the nation's entire defence industry and its future. Over the years, Patria has accumulated a fantastic base of competence in life cycle support services and wants to keep offering cost-effective security of supply services for these projects as well. We will be at the DSEI event in London in the autumn, once again showcasing unmissable, amazing high tech.

Olli Isotalo
President and CEO