Patria 6x6 CAVS Germany partners
From left: Michael Lausen, Head of In-Service Support / Special Technology of FFG, Christoph Cords, CEO of DSL, Jukka Holkeri, Executive Vice President, Global of Patria and Jörg Kamper, CEO of Jungenthal Wehrtechnik

Patria, DSL (part of KNDS group) and FFG are pleased to announce that they are teaming up to offer the German design, production, and sustainment of variants of Patria’s 6x6 armoured personnel carrier, which could replace the German FUCHS-fleet.

Under the international Common Armoured Vehicles System (CAVS) programme Patria will be the prime contractor if Germany decides to procure Patria vehicles. Patria will lead the design and development of the system, while DSL in Freisen and FFG in their units in Flensburg (FFG) and Kirchen (JWT) will provide local engineering, production, and life-cycle support in Germany. Along with the now starting more detailed localization preparation, the team will engage also other German companies to the programme effort.

“We are pleased to start a unique partnership that will provide enormous added value for Germany. We offer to adapt for German needs a cost-effective, fully developed, off-the-shelf platform - the Patria 6x6 - that is already in production, fielded by NATO partner nations and will be produced locally in Germany to meet the high requirements and technical standards of the Bundeswehr,” comments Hugo Vanbockryck, Senior Vice President, Market Area Europe of Patria.

CAVS programme, originally established by Finland and Latvia, and later joined by Sweden and Germany, is a joint programme of several European governments to create a state-of-the-art 6x6 armoured vehicle system. Germany officially joined the CAVS programme in April 2023. The joint programme is open to countries sharing similar requirements.

The programme chose Patria 6x6 as the vehicle platform in 2019. Patria 6x6 is a modular, robust, and affordable vehicle platform for protected troop transport that offers high performance, modern protection, and unprecedented mobility.

Christoph Cords, CEO of DSL Defence Service Logistics GmbH, part of KNDS group, underlines the benefits of the industrial teaming: “The partnership between Patria, DSL and FFG combines the best of German and Finnish engineering and manufacturing expertise and has the potential to take the already very successful European CAVS programme to the next level. Multinational industry partnerships, such as the one we are announcing today, are the future.”

"This agreement establishes a powerful team ensuring a reliable and sustainable CAVS production in Germany," points out Jörg Kamper, CEO of Jungenthal Wehrtechnik and Member of the Board, FFG Flensburger Fahrzeugbau GmbH. "The main design of the Vehicle System comes from Patria; the lion’s share of the manufacturing is German. For FFG and JWT, this means that skilled jobs will be created in Germany, and German industry know-how, capacity and investments can be utilized and further developed in this programme as well as for the future In-Service Support. That is why we are very pleased to be part of this joint effort to provide Germany with the next generation 6x6 platform.”

Media enquiries and further information:

Sirje Ahvenlampi-Hyvönen, Vice President, Group Communications, Patria, tel. +358 50 557 3822, [email protected]

Hugo Vanbockryck, Senior Vice President, Market Area Europe, Patria, tel. +32 471 989101, [email protected]

More information on Patria 6x6:

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