Hawk Simu

The Finnish Defence Forces and Patria signed a procurement contract for the implementation of Hawk Full Mission Simulator (FMS). The simulator will be delivered to the Finnish Air Force in 2026 for pilot training use and will be an integral part of the Hawk’s type training phase as well as tactical training phase.  

Hawk FMS will be networked as a part of the Finnish Air Force’s Hawk LVC (Live Virtual Constructive) training environment implemented by Patria in which Live means that the training is done on the actual aircraft. ‘Virtual’ involves the integration of simulators with the same training environment. ‘Constructive’ brings a third dimension to the training when computers generate key actors in the scenario being rehearsed, which proactively adjust their behavior in line with programmed models or artificial intelligence. With LVC training, it is possible to cost-effectively offer pilot students the most realistic and extensive training possible and to support their transition to fighter fleet. 

“This new Hawk Full Mission Simulator will complement Patria’s extensive simulator offering and strengthen our position as a leading domestic simulator provider in the field of defence industry. Within the acquisition, the pilot training path will be secured far into the future also to the F-35 era,” comments Teemu Lähdekorpi, responsible for Patria’s Air Force business area.  

Patria has long experience and extensive expertise in implementing various simulators and training systems to meet the needs of defence forces. Patria has already delivered Hawk simulators networked to LVC (Hawk Part Task Trainer, Hawk Mission Trainer) to the Finnish Air Force. The new simulator will partially utilize the technology solutions implemented in these previously delivered simulators, but the accuracy and realism of the system modeling will be significantly higher than in previous military pilot training simulators. 

From left in the photo: Patria’s Teemu Lähdekorpi, SVP, Air Force Business Area and Jussi Järvinen, EVP, Finland Division, as well as Jari Mikkonen, Major General, Chief of Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command and Riku Lahtinen, Engineer Colonel, Joint Systems Centre.

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Teemu Lähdekorpi, Senior Vice President, Finland Division, Patria, [email protected]

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