Patria’s wide know-how and a long experience in technology transfer is a solid basis for the local vehicle manufacturing in Latvia. The target is always to establish a cost-efficient supply chain which usually requires localized production and use of local supplier networks. Currently, preparation of this operation model is progressing as planned for the 6x6 vehicle programme and the manufacturing network is growing further in Latvia related to the joint vehicle platform programme.

According to the Latvian Ministry of Defense it is important that Latvian companies will be involved in a certain part of the production, which will increase the security of supply of defense supplies and create the preconditions for the development of the national defense industry.

Training of SIA SFM Latvia’s welders has started at Patria's Hämeenlinna production facilities. After the training, these welders will return to Latvia and they will participate in the actual production process of the vehicles at SFM Latvia, acting as trainers and supervisors for other employees involved in the local production of the vehicle. It is currently planned that SFM Latvia will produce certain parts for armoured vehicles, such as chassis parts and hatches.

“We have done our homework and obtained the required permits to participate in Patria’s local manufacturing network. We already have the necessary infrastructure, so there has been no need for additional investment. However, as the production phase of the Patria 6x6 armoured vehicle begins, we will need to look for more employees to continue the company’s other, already existing projects. There are significant differences in the materials and product specifications used, so they must be specifically certified. We want to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills from our Finnish partners, which will be new to us, as we believe it will add value to this production process. We see that our company will benefit from this cluster in the long run when we get to be involved in this joint development project for a 6x6 vehicle”, says Nauris Jansons, the CEO of FMS Latvia.

This manufacturing network is related to the joint 6x6 vehicle development program in which the Ministers of Defense of Latvia and Finland signed a technical agreement on the launch of a joint research and development program in connection with a joint development project to improve the mobility of the ground forces. The aim of the development project is to develop a new armoured vehicle system based on 6x6 armoured vehicles manufactured by Patria.

Further information:

Jussi Jārvinen, President of Land Business Unit, Patria, [email protected]

Nauris Jansons, CEO SIA SFM Latvia, [email protected]

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