Patria’s Diamond DA-40NG training aircraft suffered a nose landing gear damage during a landing in Córdoba, Spain on 23rd of January. The aircraft in concern was performing normal training program exercises with an instructor and a student pilot onboard. Neither occupant suffered any injuries.

The incident has been reported to the Finnish and Spanish aviation authorities, and an investigation has been initiated. Damages to the aircraft have been evaluated and it will be taken into use after required repairs. Training in Córdoba is continued.

Patria provides initial civil pilot training in Córdoba with a fleet of five single engine Diamond DA-40NG aircraft. In the beginning of 2020 Patria will further expand its DA-40NG fleet by two new examples.  Fleet expansion will allow Patria to further increase its training capacity as the company prepares to receive students from its international airline customers.

Further information:

Jyrki Myyryläinen, VP, Training, Aviation business unit, p. +358 40 869 3315, [email protected]