Grob G115E-FIN, modified by Patria, has been flown for the first time by a conscript pilot in a training flight in Tikkakoski on 24th of January 2020. All 28 aircraft will go through the avionic systems modification and needed maintenance tasks. The modern cockpit environment will support the trainees´ capability to proceed to next phases in their flight training.

Modified Grob first flight
Photo: Kari Vertanen

Grob G115E-FIN forms now a part of the Finnish Air Force’s military pilot training program on the 2020 Reserve Pilot Officer Course together with the Vinka aircraft. Patria has a major role in providing military pilot training to the Finnish Air Force as well as in the maintenance for the training aircraft fleet.

Further information:

Martti Wallin, President, Aviation, Patria, p. +358 40 869 2016, [email protected]