The following Members of the Parliament have been appointed to Patria's Consultative Committee: Jussi Saramo (Left Alliance) as Chairman, Janne Sankelo (National Coalition Party) as Vice Chairman as well as Riitta Mäkinen (Social Democratic Party), Petri Huru (Finns Party) and Hannu Hoskonen (Center Party) as Members.

Eero Pyötsiä (Chief of Defence Command) and  Petri Peltonen (Ministry of Employment and the Economy) as well as Jussi Karimäki (Patria), Juha Kuusi (Patria), Jari Metsälä (Patria) and Ilkka Kokko (Patria) will continue as Members.

According to the Articles of Association, Patria Oyj must have a Consultative Committee appointed by the General Meeting of Shareholders. The Articles of Association further state that the Board of Directors shall consult the Consultative Committee on matters that concern major decrease or increase of operational activities, material changes in the company’s organization, and on issues which are otherwise of material importance to the industry that the company is engaged in, either in Finland or internationally.

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