Export license practices are a topic of a vivid discussion at the moment in Finland. It seems that export license practices are rather difficult to comprehend. The basic principles from Patria point of view are issues such as

  • All defence related products need an export license
  • All technology export related to them need an export license
  • All integrations, partly or entirely, need an export license.

In practice that means that Patria activities need approval from government officials.

Patria complies with the national legislation and international commitments. A decision made by the government officials to grant an export license is made on a case by case basis with the big picture in mind and one of the prerequisites is a reliable end user of the materiel. Also, possibilities of a misuse of the materiel are considered. Granting a license is based on the EU criteria and in consultation with other EU countries. 

In addition to the evaluation of the end user reliability the product properties are assessed. Defence materiel has categories which in connection with the licenses may mean that one category products may be exported but at the same time another category is off the list. In certain situations, one may for example export vehicles but not weapons or ammunition.

Patria leans on the government officials’ capability to evaluate the end user reliability and other export prerequisites when assessing the possibility of export in complex situations and circumstances.

Deliveries to the UAE

Patria has agreements on vehicle deliveries to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Armed Forces signed in November 2007 (5 vehicles) and November 2015 (40 vehicles). In 2007 Patria showcased a Patria AMV vehicle with a Russian BMP-3 weapon system at the international defence event IDEX in Abu Dhabi, and Patria gave technical support in the integration of the system. The same vehicle was showcased also at IDEX events in 2011 and 2015. In connection of the 2015 vehicle deliveries Patria has not given technical support in integration of any weapon systems and has no knowledge of the weapon systems the customer has integrated. Patria has contractually committed to deliver spare parts as well as technical support to the UAE Armed Forces.

There has been some footage of Patria vehicle possibly in the Yemen war in the media. Patria is not able to confirm the origin of the footage i.e. where and when the photos are taken. The vehicles in the footage are Patria AMV 8x8 vehicles.

Patria has also published news in February 2009 concerning Nemo mortar systems to the UAE Navy acquiring 12 new patrol vessels and re-equipped its 12 old ones. Nemo mortar systems was chosen as the weapon system to be assembled on some of these 25 meters long vessels originally designed in Sweden. This agreement also included spare part delivery.